Games Portfolio

2016 January
It wasn't me.
Full Game

A telescopic text murder mystery. Experimenting with storytelling structures.

2015 September
Game Demo

A point-and-click exploration game for tablets set to the turbulent ambiance of the 1920s Swiss Alps. Pratical component of the dissertation project during the MA Digital Games: Theory and Design.

This game was awarded a distinction.

2015 May
Game Design Document

DRIP invites the players on a journey through the West Bank. The players become witness to a multitude of events and discussions on their way through the land and experience how its inhabitants approach the discourse around infrastructure access and Rawabi. The key purpose of DRIP is to educate and engage a wide audience in discussion surrounding the situation in Palestine and the events that accompanied the founding and construction of Rawabi.

Made in collaboration with Kate Stonehill and Meg Charlton. Shortlisted for the Tribeca New Media Fund.

2015 April
E-Sol (Link on the 10th of November)
Game Design Document

An entertaining and informing mobile game that interacts with pollution databases across Europe. E-Sol gives players a virtual pet plant named ‘Sunny’ who needs your protection from air pollution.

Winner of the MYGEOSS Innovative App competition and receiver of the European Commission grant.

2015 March
Conrols: mouse click
Aim: Take care of your pets.

Augmented reality tamagochi that uses geolocation services to pin your pets to a particular location in your city. Grow your civilization of charming pets into the most magical settlement in your neighbourhood.

2015 February
The Dinner Party
Controls: mouse click
Aim: Converse at will.

Weekly exercise on the bridging of storytelling and gameplay. Set around a dinner party with old friends and rising tensions, the way you respond to conversation changes people's mood around the table. In collaboration with Toni Brasting. Inspired by Ivo Consi's anti-commersion on psychic vampires, "Feeders".

Sex Life
Controls: mouse click
Aim: Get good grades. Make friends. Don't get pregnant.

The goal of the weekly exercise was this: Create a game that would voice a problem a lot of young women have to face. Namely, (if they wish to) not getting pregnant. You play a young woman who is starting university with the aim to get amazing grades and great friends. Her boyfriend moved with her and the last thing she needs on her plate is a pregnancy. The game is one of balancing fertility, contraception and its effects with day to day life. In collaboration with Tim Phillips.

Controls: mouse, keyboard
Aim: Express yourself.

There have been movies, there have been drawings, there have been texts. But what would psychogeography look like as a digital game? An expression of the experiences and observations of a psychogeographic walk. In collaboration with Tim Phillips.

2015 January
Long Live Sglazhivaniye
Controls: mouse click
Aim: Survive the day to day political struggles of your country.

Weekly exercise on game shops and large scale worlds. Inspired by conversations with friends of ex-soviet countries. The goal is not to amass a huge wealth but to survive in a world where an unstable political background might affect whether or not you can buy bread the next day.

Controls: keyboard, various keys
Aim: Escape the room with a friend... somehow.

A two player escape-the-room game with a twist. While most games grab people in different spaces around the world and connect them in virtual places, this game does the opposite. It grabs people in different virtual spaces and connects them in the physical. Made at the Global Game Jam with Olga Guseva, Matthew Halls, Tim Phillips and Dan Thompson.

Won the best game award at the Made in Brunel exhibition. Judged and awarded by Steve Jackson, co-founder of the Games Workshop and Lionhead Studios and writer of the Fighting Fantasy series.

Pop the Bubbles
Controls: mouse click
Aim: Stop the bubbles from touching the ground by clicking on them.

Weekly exercise on the pleasure of clicking. Click on the bubbles to pop them. Stop them from touching the ground. Things get quicker and more complicated as the timer runs. In collaboration with Olga Guseva.

Worlds of Etsy
Game Design Document

World’s of Etsy is a single player, 2D side-scrolling action and puzzle game aimed at Etsy users. Etsy is an ecommerce platform, focused on handmade and vintage goods and wares. Players collect items within the game and use them to either solve puzzles or decorate their homes within the game. Each item collected within the game can be found within Etsy and can be bought in real life without leaving the game.

2014 November
Don't Forget Your Hat
Controls: arrow keys, space bar
Aim: Collect all the hats, annoy the narrator.

2014 October
Burglar V2
Controls: mouse, arrow keys, left mouse button
Aim: Get to the phone, avoid the burglar.

2014 September
Controls: mouse, left mouse button
Aim: Get to the phone, avoid the burglar.